Week two: social round up, new challenges and a missing Rembrandt!

Week two: social round up, new challenges and a missing Rembrandt!

Hello everyone!

It was lovely to see some of you at yesterday’s opening social – I can’t quite believe there’s only two socials to go and then the Showdown is *over*! I look forward to seeing more of you at the next two, on the 3rd and the 10th March!

If you didn’t see my WhatsApp yesterday, we’ve been told (and we’re meant to keep this secret…) that UCL’s Rembrandt has been stolen! What’s more, it’s been replaced with this replica from last term’s Play-Off:

There’s a bit of suspicion on the Incognito Society, of course, so we’re trying our best to find the painting and put it back. UCL Museums have offered £200 in book tokens to whoever recovers the Rembrandt (and I’ve a sneaking suspicion that, the more items a hall wins in the Showdown, the better their chance at recovering the painting…so that’s £200 for the team with the most points in the winning hall!).

If you weren’t able to join for yesterday’s social, then you missed the Indigo Wolves absolutely storming the challenges (thanks largely to the efforts of teams Flying Wolves and Bloody Wolves), followed closely by Pandemonium of Penguins, returning from their stint in last term’s Play-Offs. As a result, Indigo Wolves have 4 items already, whilst Tangerine Penguins have 2, and Crimson Eagles and Sapphire Seahorses are yet to pick up their first one!

So, here are this week’s challenges – and the Eagles’ and Seahorses’ opportunity to catch up! The challenges are posted here: https://incognitosociety.com/challenges/ The items up for grabs are a Cupboard of Disappearing Artefacts, a Double Agent Art Collector, and a Mystery Exhibit…

The deadline for submitting entries is 4pm Tuesday 2nd March, and the winners will be announced during the Midway Social on Wednesday 3rd! Keep 5pm-6pm free on Wednesday and the Zoom and Youtube links will be shared soon.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you all come up with this week! My very best,