Week three: social round up, new challenges and the final stretch!

Week three: social round up, new challenges and the final stretch!

Hello everyone!

It was lovely to see some of you at yesterday’s midway social, especially with members joining from all over the world! I can’t believe there’s only one left, and I hope to see some of you on 10th March for the final social.

There were some great responses to challenges this past week, especially for the design-a-challenge challenge, which was a really close-run thing! Tangerine Penguins won out, but I thought I’d share the Crimson Eagles’ spot-the-hidden-images challenge for anyone who likes brainteasers. See if you can spot the three hidden images (took me quite a while to figure them out!)

As for the social itself, there was some impressive battling it out between Crimson Eagles, Indigo Wolves and Tangerine Penguins – Team Aquila’s artistic skills netted the Eagles some Tattooed Skin, Flying Wolves’ way with words won the Wolves Jeremy Bentham’s Auto-Icon, and Pandemonium of Penguins’ creativity with challenges got the Penguins some toes!

We haven’t heard much on the whereabouts of the UCL Museums’ Rembrandt, but my assistant officer Sabrina has passed on an anonymous tip-off from someone who says they’ll swap information about its whereabouts for items won in the Showdown. So it looks like whatever Hall has the most items will have the best chance of finding the Rembrandt, and claiming the £200 in book tokens reward!

At the moment, the Wolves have a storming lead of 7 items – but, as last term’s social showed, it can all come down to the final challenges. The Eagles and Penguins both have 3 items, whilst the Seahorses have unfortunately yet to get off the starting blocks! But, with 6 items to be won between now and the end of the Closing Social, there’s still all to play for.

So, onto this week’s challenges! The challenges are posted here: https://incognitosociety.com/challenges/ The items up for grabs are a Visitor’s Book, a Battery Powered Opossum, and a Mystery Exhibit…

The deadline for submitting entries is 4pm Tuesday 9th March, and the winners will be announced during the Closing Social on Wednesday 10th! Keep 5pm-6pm free on Wednesday and the Zoom and Youtube links will be shared soon.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you all come up with this week! My very best,