The first challenges of the Spring Showdown!

The first challenges of the Spring Showdown!

Hello everyone!

It’s so lovely to be welcoming in new members to the society and saying hello again to those of you who competed in last year’s Playoff of Curiosity! To those who have been part of the Society for a few months now: do welcome in those joining for the Spring Showdown, to both your Halls and your Teams! The Showdown may look like the Playoff at first but there are some differences where new faces will serve you well…

We are getting the Showdown started today with the first challenges. Now, some of you may recognise some of these challenges (I can’t deny my fondness for photoshopped dinosaurs and creatively-interpreted leech families) but challenge entries from last year’s Playoff cannot be re-submitted! So you’ll have to dig even deeper for creative ideas this time around.

The challenges are posted here: The items up for grabs are 98 Plastic Dinosaurs, a Family of Leeches and (insert excitement-building interpretative dance here) a Mystery Exhibit!

That’s right – each week of the Showdown there will be a very special challenge with a Mystery Exhibit going to the winners! That’s because I need to keep an eye out for future Incognito Society Officers, and an important part of that is designing challenges for contests. So each week there will be a Design-A-Challenge challenge, where the winning submission will be a challenge in that week’s online social! The team that submits the best challenge will win a Mystery Exhibit, whilst the listed item will go to whoever wins the challenge during the social! Make sense? I promise it will soon! This week the challenge is to design a challenge based on Rosemary Young’s Bull sculpture – check out the challenges for more details.

The deadline for submitting entries is 4pm Monday 22nd, and the winners will be announced during the Opening Social on Wednesday 24th! I’ll be emailing with information about the social soon, and all the necessary Zoom and Youtube links to either join in or watch on. For now, make sure to keep 5pm-6pm free on Wednesday and I’ll see you then!

I’m looking forward to seeing what you all come up with this week! My very best,