The Bull


A female art student called Rosemary Young created this bronze Bull in 1951 and won the prestigious Slade Sculpture Prize. However, following graduation she largely gave up her own work to focus on casting and producing her tutor Reg Butler’s work, eventually becoming his second wife.

Young describes how few of her female peers from the 1950s at the Slade became successful artists, and reflects on how difficult it was for women to reconcile the ‘feminine role’ with being a famous artist:

“(To become a famous female artist at the time) you had to be a very very extraordinary person […]it was almost as if, not through any fault of his, he (Butler) just sucked it away, he drew it out, drew all your energy away from creativity, into being part of a partnership”. (Butler, 1999)

You can find out more about ‘The Bull’, held by the UCL Art Museum, here.


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