Spring Showdown round up!

Spring Showdown round up!

Hello everyone!

It was lovely to see some of you at yesterday’s Closing Social, and I’m delighted to say that we did recover the missing Rembrandt and it’s back in pride of place at UCL Museums!

If you missed the social and would like to watch it, then you can catch it if you click here – otherwise, let me tell you how it all unfolded!

I mean, I say ‘recover’ – it turned out my assistant officer Sabrina had committed the theft herself! I’m all for society traditions, but Sabrina’s attempt to revive the old game of swapping out museum items from their on-campus locations did go maybe a bit far…However, Martine has promised to keep it a secret as long as no society members ever do it again, so seems like we got away with no harm done! The Incognito Society stays secret for now…

Of course, I’m sure you’re wondering who it was who found the Rembrandt’s hiding place and won the Showdown?! Well, it came down to a face-off between the Tangerine Penguins and Indigo Wolves (the Sapphire Seahorses seem to have been very studious this month, with the Crimson Eagles making a valiant effort with challenges but not quite making the top two!).

In fact, both the Penguins and Wolves discovered the Rembrandt was hiding in the Whistler Room on UCL Campus, which meant it was a tiebreaker, with the prize falling to the hall with the most objects…and in a record-breaking result (the first time a hall’s got a double-win since 1938!), the Indigo Wolves took the win, and the Flying Wolves were the winning team!

Special mentions go to Team Aquila and Pandemonium of Penguins for their creative, impressive and entertaining responses to challenges (I almost feel like we need to incorporate a massive flower into our society symbol due to the Pandemonium of Penguins weaving it into almost every live challenge seemlessly!).

From antique compasses to bottomless jars, astonishing tattoos to plumbing-based dinosaurs, monuments to children’s literature and many more cookies than I expected, it’s been lovely spending time with society members this term. I might miss the museums a lot but it looks like it might be possible to see them – and each other – face to face not too long from now!

If you do have a couple of minutes free, then I know the folks at UCL Museums and their helpers from Coney would really appreciate society members clicking here and filling out this post-Showdown feedback form. (Only takes a minute and means you feel nice and productive really easily!)

All the best everyone!