Empire, beware! Shipworms were notorious for causing the complete destruction of ships. The British Empire relied on controlling the seas – and Shipworms were one of their great enemies in this endeavour. Studying marine life was important scientific work for keeping the Empire afloat… so hats off to Shipworms for trying their best to stop British colonial aspirations!

Find out more here, and our ‘Displays of Power: A Nature History of Empire’ exhibition here.

Create a challenge inspired by the Shipworms

Your challenge must:

1. Be possible to do over zoom, as part of the next live social on 3rd March.

2. Be possible to complete in maximum 5 minutes.

3. Be related to/inspired by this exhibit.

4. Be legal/in good taste/good fun!

The winning challenge will make up part of the Closing Social on 10th March; the team whose challenge is chosen will win a Mystery Item, and the winner of the challenge at the social will win the Shipworms.


Best Shipworms-inspired challenge wins.


Email Incognito Society Officer Maryam with your challenge – and make sure to give your team’s name so she can track points! All submissions must be in by 4pm UK time on Tuesday 9th March.

If you’d like to, you can share your challenge on social media using #incognitoshipworms