Hello and welcome to the Incognito Society of UCL!

Hello and welcome to the Incognito Society of UCL!

My name is Maryam and I’ll be your trusted guide throughout the next few weeks of society challenges. And given you’ve found yourself on this website, I’m guessing you probably…

1. attend University College London (I’ve never left!);

2. are feeling a little curious about what this so-called ‘Incognito Society’ is;

3. and are wondering whether this game is for you.

Well, my friend. The answer is – yes! 

All you need to join us this year is that spark of curiosity, and a playful spirit. You must have both to have gotten this far, so let me tell you a bit more about who we are. 

The Incognito Society was founded on the steps of UCL somewhere back in the mid-1800s… nobody is quite sure when. We have 4 ‘Halls’ (note: we were founded a century prior to the release of a certain wizarding franchise…) – Tangerine Penguins, Indigo Wolves, Sapphire Seahorses and Crimson Eagles. Back when I joined UCL, I was secretly recruited into the Crimson Eagles. We have quite the history of winning the Spring Showdown, so if you want to jump onto a winning streak, come join the Eagles! Ignore that. Join whichever Hall feels right to you.    

I’m getting ahead of myself. Sorry about that. 

Every year (apart from in ‘59, for reasons we shall not divulge today), the Halls compete in regular contests – including the Spring Showdown! We push each other to go bigger and better in our weekly challenge responses, creating an unforgettable experience of student life. And now, for the first time, we are going virtual and rising up from the shadows of UCL’s corners.  Anybody who wants to can join us – and that means you! 

One of the unique parts of the Spring Showdown is the create-a-challenge challenges! In preparation for new Society Officers taking over the running of annual contests later in the year, the Showdown includes challenges where society members can make up their own challenges, with the best ones being used in the weekly socials!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be playing together, building new friendships and trying to weather this storm of lockdown together. You can join from anywhere in the world, as long as you are up for having some fun. 

Each challenge is inspired by an object from the museums and collections of UCL Culture. This practice started (albeit illegally) in the ‘30s, when students from the Indigo Wolves used to raid the Zoology Museum for a prized skeletal item. The university owns literally hundreds of thousands of beautiful, strange, and surprising objects, which are all now hidden away behind closed doors. But will that stop us at the Incognito Society? No! 

Together with the team at UCL Culture, we’ve developed a series of challenges – inspired by objects as diverse as a Jar of Moles, an ancient Plum, and a foot of toes from the 1850s – which will keep us all going and get us into some remote mischief before the end of term. I’ve been working with the indefatigable curators at UCL – Martine and Helene – who have been kind enough to let the society into some new secrets related to the treasures stored at UCL. With everything I know now, I think this years’ content may be our most exciting and unique yet. 

You’re more than welcome to join in at any stage of the game; the first challenges will be shared around February 17th and we will be launching officially on February 24th at 5pm UK time at our opening Social. I’ll be there…will you?! 

Till then, comrades – 

Maryam Sadiq x